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Our mission is to provide process engineering solutions to measure and control physical and chemical process streams consisting of gas, vapor, liquids, solids and/or bio-mass properties to help the marketplace become more sustainable and hence competitive.

Whether your goals are energy reduction, waste recycling, water conservation or use of renewable feedstocks, EEI Industrial System designs ensure, that the system is built with the end user in mind, considering life cycle and maintenance issues from the initial concept, and throughout design development.

EEI has the expertise, experience and engineering capabilities necessary to provide one-stop process consultation, engineering and integration solutions and services. With a combined 75 years experience and working with more than 100 different analyzer vendors and partners, we can provide a total packaged solution to ensure the measurement system will successfully measure the sample components as intended.

Viscosity Measurements of Varying Sample Streams
With the varying nature of Thermoset Resins, Lubricants, Crude Oil and Polymers – in order to minimize waste, ensure products are on specification, as well as possibly reduce the energy of the system, it is best to directly measure and control the viscosity of the sample stream. 
In some cases, proper mixing of product can result in higher friction and/or work load on pumps; which may lead to more energy used.
In other cases, proper mixing requires extreme temperatures to be used, which again may be a problem of over design; especially if different products are going through the same production line.
Heating can reduce the viscosity, making it easier to handle –while care must be taken not to overheat it, which could degrade the quality of the product.
In other cases, electrically or magnetically pulsed fields can reduce the viscosity of the fluids for a short period without heating the components.
Elementale Enterprises Inc can assist you in looking at ways to best reduce the viscosity of your fluids, and in turn increase its mobility to reduce excess power requirements of pumping fluid that is cold and viscous.

Moisture Measurements in Process Streams
Managing water production is often the key to optimizing chemical production. Water in hydrocarbon streams provides no revenue, could even be detrimental to product quality and actually cost money to separate and dispose. At the point where total costs, including the cost of handling water, exceeds the net revenue from production, the operator is losing money. Proper online moisture measurement can assist in the following ways:
Measure and control Impurities in LNG pipeline, diesel fuels and petroleum blending eliminating product waste and/or increasing value of fuel during custody transfer applications. 
  •  Measure and control various hydrocarbon chemical formulations to improve specifications.
  • Measure and capture excess moisture from product to reuse in other areas of the plant 
  • Corrosion control of pipes

Measurements of Trace Components
Trace components in process environments can be moisture, sulfur, mercury, organic compounds, toxics, etc. Each of these can lead to impurities in product quality as well as contamination to food, clothes and the environment and toxic exposure levels to personnel. It is therefore important to measure these substances at trace levels in order to manage and control them.
  • Real-Time Online Measurement of Changing Hydrocarbons in Process streams (ppm through 100% vol)
  • Product measurements under varying heating/cooling environments

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