Elementale Enterprises provides process engineering solutions to measure and control physical and chemical process streams consisting of gas, vapor, liquids, solids and/or bio-mass properties to help the marketplace become more sustainable and hence competitive.

We have the expertise, experience and engineering capabilities necessary to provide one-stop process consultation, engineering and integration solutions and services.


Our turnkey services allow companies to achieve actionable results with reasonable ROIs to realize quicker cost savings, better operational efficiency and therefore real market competitiveness while strengthening the community for future generations.


Our engineering expertise covers the measurement and control of high-energy processes to allow the proper use of energy units. This prevents oversizing while enabling the most efficient use of our natural resources to be consumed.


Government tax incentives and other foundation grants may be available to help offset the costs of energy / water conservation projects. We can help. We have seasoned writers on staff to assist in writing grants properly to outline the system project in a way to easily identify the outcomes.
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