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Our convenient guides explain the rules of the game, including the rules for some fun and exciting  variations. The site also lays out some of the more fascinating aspects of online Blackjack, including strategy, history, and a glossary of common terms. For more experienced players, the site also includes tips on card counting and money management. We’ll also tell you where and how you can play the best online Blackjack games for free. Just take a closer look at the topics below and click through to find out more…

Online Rules

This game is, by far, the most popular casino card game in the world, both in live casinos and at online gaming sites. contains a section on online Blackjack rules that allows even rookie players to pick up this fun game and start playing right away. Our guide also examines some of the variations players can encounter at various casinos and web sites, as well as some of the basic terminology surrounding the game.

Online Blackjack Strategy

Once players understand the object of the game, they can check out the  section on intermediate and advanced online Blackjack strategy. Our guide examines the best times to take a card, and when to stand on a strong hand, with recommendations from the top experts in the game. The guide also discusses the best times to employ more exotic plays, such as splitting pairs and the “double-down” bet.

Card Counting Explained

Readers of the book “Bringing Down the House” and viewers of the film “21” have heard of the legendary exploits of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s “Blackjack Team”. These talented students employed a sophisticated card counting system that won them millions at casinos around the world. explores their system of “card counting”: where it came from, how it works and what methods players use to take home big winnings.

Good Playing Conditions

Blackjack exists in almost as many varieties as there are casinos that host these popular games. Does a player prefer to play at a table with a single deck, two decks, or up to eight decks? Does the dealer at a particular casino have more of an advantage hitting on a “soft seventeen”, or does that rule favor the player? examines these variations and helps players figure out which versions work in their favor and which work against them.

Money Management

One of the keys to success at online blackjack, as with most casino games, is money management. The ups and downs of the game can eat away at a player’s bankroll as well as his confidence. The combination of sound strategy and smart bankroll management can mean the difference between profits and losses at the tables. We looks at some money management strategies that can help players weather the storm and stay afloat long enough for their luck to change.

Online Glossary

Can you find a “first baseman” and a “third baseman” at an online blackjack table as well as a baseball diamond? Are the “burn card” and “cut card” as violent as they sound? Does “insurance” increase the “house edge”? What’s the difference between a “soft hand” and a “hard hand”? has an extensive list of terms you may hear at any blackjack table in the world. Once you learn to use these new expressions, you’ll be a “natural” at the tables.

Online History

The history  extends from the posh gaming houses of Renaissance Europe to the glitzy casinos of Las Vegas. The advent of online casinos has enabled players from around the world to play online blackjack in their own homes. Smartphone technology has even allowed players to take the game with them on their cell phones and tablet computers. Our guide to the history of blackjack takes a look at the varied and fascinating history of the world’s most popular casino card game.

Online Tournaments

Online blackjack tournaments are a new and fun variation on traditional blackjack games. Although offline blackjack tournaments have been around for quite some time, the growing popularity of poker tournaments brought these special online blackjack events into the spotlight. Online blackjack tournaments give you the chance to test your skills against other players and possibly walk away with a big jackpot. provides some insights into the rules, strategies and keys to success at blackjack tournaments, including how successful tournament play can differ from that found in a standard blackjack cash game.

News also gives players the latest in online blackjack and casino news. Our news sources provide the most up-to-date stories on casinos, blackjack game variations, personalities and media events. Our news section will contain updates, interviews and examinations of new and different varieties of this exhilarating game.

Free Blackjack

Online casinos also offer the opportunity for players to learn about blackjack – without spending any of their own money! Most of the recommended casinos that you see on our website offer “play for fun” games that give players the chance to learn the rules of the game, strategies, the timing of bets and the layout of the software specific to that casino. Some of our recommended casinos also offer “no deposit bonus” options, where players can try out a casino for free first without making a deposit of their own.

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